Jadie Moore

Jadie R Bryant-Moore was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. She’s oldest of five siblings, raised by my grandmother from a young age and instilled I was destined for greatness. Jadie excelling elementary with academic honors and graduating top ten in my senior class from Chicago International Charter School Longwood Campus. She knew at that moment she was at the top to have a minor setback in college but finally finished in July 2020 with her Bachelor’s in Correctional Support Services with two honor societies under my belt with a GPA of 3.4. She then decided to attack her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling also being a mother of five beautiful kids excelling in motherhood.

Jadie is currently pursuing her PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Jadie is also a Local School Council Chairwoman at Brennemann Elementary and Outreach Coordinator in Parent Advisory Council. She is a force to be reckon with and making changes by bringing awareness to her community and being a part of so many elite outreach organizations.

Jade started her own outreach group called Mother’s of Women Outreach on Facebook, bringing positive and motivational words to women across the world. Jade is a formidable parent that believes in investing in her children because they hold the future.

My philosophy

Family Xpression is based of 3 key components

  • Legacy – building a long last legacy for our children, children’s can live out loud
  • Unity – creating an understand of coming together for a cause that will benefit our children
  • Xpression – showing our children the power of expressing their gift, talents in a variety of ways.

When you have a vision, it’s up to us to do whatever it takes to bring the vision to life and showing our children there is a variety of ways to get your message read.